Hi there. Thanks for checking out Field Rows, come on in and make yourself at home. My name is Jim McArthur and I was born and raised on a Peanut and Cotton farm in Malone,Florida. Growing up my dad always had me working on the farm, minus one summer when I got a part time job at my local IGA so I could goof off all summer. I'm going to be honest, although I enjoyed farming it was never a true passion of mine. Making videos and music has always been my true passion. Long story short after high school I went to college for video production, met the love of my life on a cruise ship and dropped out of college. After two years of living at the beach and working a dead end job my wife and I moved back to my hometown and I started working on the farm in September of 2009.

I've officially been farming for over 10 years and I have learned so much, but I have so much more to learn. So what is Field Rows? Field Rows is all about Peanut and Cotton farming in the southeast. We have a Youtube Channel that shows all the good and bad on the farm, a podcast with local farmers and agribusiness companies,my twin brother Randy's TikTok and this website that features a blog. The website combines all 3( YouTube, Podcast, Blog) into one convenient place. So please like, subscribe, and keep it in the Field Rows.