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[[SOCCER===]^] Brazil - Iran live video 7 October 2023

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I think the use of Iranian military equipment, whatever it may be – I certainly don’t want to get into the technical specifics – but the use of any of it of course poses a risk of it continuing to play a bigger role in the already existing malign and destabilizing activities that the Iranian regime already partakes in. We have seen – we spent so much of this past year and the year before talking about the deepening security partnership with – between the Iranian regime and the Russian Federation. And so of course, any kind of new potential system of course poses the potential risk to make worse these already deeply violent and destabilizing activities that we know the Iranian regime is going to partake in. What the U. is going to do is we’ll continue to use the tools at our disposal to hold the Iranian regime accountable and we’ll do so in close conjunction with our allies and partners both through the E. U. and the E3 and the other relevant multilateral organizations that we engage with so closely to hold the Iranian regime accountable. QUESTION: Thank you, Vedant. The readout of the Secretary’s call with his Swedish counterpart today noted that the two discussed final preparations for Sweden’s accession to NATO. We’re just talking about the important work that we have ahead. QUESTION: The three Ds. MR PATEL: Go ahead, Said. QUESTION: (Inaudible) really quick. So just to follow up — QUESTION: I mean, going back to the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, it really is a normalization plan. But it is predicated on the creation of a Palestinian state. Brazil routs Iran, loses point guard Raul Neto Aug 26, 2023 — Your browser can't play this video. Learn more. More videos on Live. •. An error occurred. Try watching this video on, or ... But that does not change the United States’ point of view on this. As I just said to Alex, we continue to believe, even in the light of the UN visit, that there is a strong desire and a need for a longer-term, independent international monitoring mission in Nagorno-Karabakh. We think that that will provide transparency; we think that it will provide the appropriate reassurances for the various rights and securities that we continue to be deeply concerned about. QUESTION: Can I have a quick one on Serbia? MR PATEL: Sure. So I really don’t have anything to offer on that. QUESTION: Okay. Just one last one. MR PATEL: Okay. Last one, Guita. I’ve got to work the room. Yeah. QUESTION: Yes, yes. I promise. They also unveiled a new type of drone today and they’re talking about electronic warfare. Do you see that as a – electronic warfare as a possibility with Iran, boosting its capability not only in case there is any interaction with the U. S., but also with regards to export of its goods to Russia and other countries? MR PATEL: Of course. So what is the difference between this step-by-step kind of normalization and that one that was really, really grandiose? In other words, it was for all the Arab and Muslim countries to recognize Israel, have wonderful relations and so on, on the premise that there’s a Palestinian state at the end. And that’s what you keep saying. You keep saying that you are committed to the two-state solution. So what is the difference? MR PATEL: Said, we are committed to a two-state solution. We’ve been very clear about that. Videos - ITF Tennis - Pro Circuit All Videos. All Videos Singles Doubles. LIVE STREAMS. LIVE · W25 Redding, CA, Singles Hanna Chang V Elvina Kalieva · LIVE · W25 Makinohara (Coaching Trial), ... I just don’t want to get ahead of that process. QUESTION: Okay. So on this very point — QUESTION: — both the former ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, and the former Jordanian ambassador to the UN, Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein, wrote an article, lengthy article, in Foreign Affairs that says what a Saudi-Israeli deal could mean for the Palestinians. And they are warning you, saying that the real aim of the judicial reform and so on is it’s a ploy that they want to basically form – have an Israeli state from the river to the sea. BRAZIL vs IRAN 2', Foul by MOVAHED (Iran). Goal by CATARINO (Brazil) BRA 1 - 2 IRN, 4'. Foul by CATARINO (Brazil), 4'. 4', Foul by MOVAHED (Iran). 7', Foul by SAEED (Iran). Brazil World Cup team make statement on Iran – vertical video 0:35As the Brazilian Women's World Cup team touch down in Australia, they make a tribute to Iranian protesters Mahsa Amini and Amir Nasr Azadani ...The Guardian · Jul 5, 2023 Iranian Live TV پخش زنده Video · Live TV; Contact. Search شبکه سه IRIB 3 · شبکه سه IRIB 3 HD Iran vs Brazil (16:30) (Shabake 3). Serie A Inter vs Bologna (16:30) (Sport 1). Fédération Internationale de Volleyball ... Brazil. Read More Read All News. Global Partnership Between FIVB And Special Volleyball World. Volleyball World TV. Watch Live. Next. Previous. Play video. Brazil arrive for World Cup in plane with Iran protesters tribute 0:32Stream Type LIVE. Remaining Time -0:00. Current Iran's protesters. Up Next. Cancel. Video paused due to user inactivity. Continue watching? · Jul 5, 2023 QUESTION: Okay. I don’t really have anything directly – well, specifically directly with the U. S. But I wanted to ask you what your thoughts, the administration’s thoughts, are about the apparent escalation in this India-China – I mean, India-Canada dispute. MR PATEL: So, Matt, I don’t really have anything new to sort of offer on this that both Matt and the Secretary haven’t spoke to already, I would say, in the number of times it has come up before the press in the past week or so. I would just reiterate again we are, and continue to be, deeply concerned about the allegations referenced by Prime Minister Trudeau, and we remain in regular contact with our Canadian partners. And it’s critical that Canada’s investigation proceed and the perpetrators be brought to justice. Brazil vs. Iran FIBA World Cup 2023, August 26 Aug 26, 2023 — Iran FIBA World Cup 2023, August 26: Date, time, where to watch, and live stream details.


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