The older you get the faster time goes by?

It's wild how fast time flies by these days. It's hard to believe we are almost done planting and the year is almost half over. I know soon we will be saying we can’t believe it's already harvest time. When did time start moving at the speed of light? As a kid school seemed to take a good 3 years to complete a year. After you graduate, it speeds up a little and then when you have kids it really takes flight! I shouldn’t be 35 with 3 kids. How did this happen so fast? My parents shouldn't be in their 60's! Any old timer will tell you the older you get the faster time goes by. If that holds true I'll be 60 in 10 years! On the farm January is usually the slowest. We have all these projects that we plan to complete. Before we know it, it's time to get the land ready to plant and all those odd jobs get pushed back to the next year or forgot about. I hear my dad talk of the "old days" when most farmers would pretty much take the whole winter off. Did life move slower then, when t.v had 3 channels and the only phone was attached to the wall? I bet a year took forever for the Walton's. Everyone is so busy with everything! Work, school, taking the kids to 7 different activities a week and more. If the weeks go by fast the weekends chug jet fuel and are gone before Friday afternoon.It can really bum me out thinking about how fast my 35 years have went.You dont see your kids growing up before your eyes or yourself slowing acting like your parents. We should all listened to Kenny Chesney, don't blink.

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